One meeting or two meetings in Genesis 18:1-5?

When we read verses 1-5 in Genesis there’s seems to be that we have a contradiction here- is The Lord had a conversation with Abraham as we can read in verses 1, 3 or

the three man (Angles) had a conversation with him as written in verses 2, 4, 5?
One of the ways to deal with this contradiction is in the commentary of Rashi. According to Rashi The Lord came to visit Abraham after the circumcision that he had. After this meeting there was another meeting with Abraham and the three man that he hosted.

Rashi’s grandson, Rashbam, suggested that The Lord in verse 1 is actually those three man that means that there was only one meeting.

What do you think? Was it one meeting or two meetings? Do you have another suggestion for this matter?
Share you observation with us,

Have a nice day, Eli


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