What’s new in Genesis 25?

The pupils in Israel learn and know usually the second part of Genesis 25, from verse 19 to 34. There in Parashat Toldot you can find all the drama in the twin’s birth, the love of Rebecca to Jacob without conditions and the love of Isaac to Esau since he is a hunter (Genesis 25:28).

However, the beginning of this chapter shed new lights for me as a reader and I wanted to share them with you.

Firstly, Abraham had another wife named Qeturrah (and I disagree with Rashi and agree with Eben Ezra that Qeturah is not Hagar).

Secondly, both Sebah and Midian is connected to Abraham (Genesis 25:2-3). Those name will be interesting when The Bible continues.

Thirdly, Isaac got everything from Abraham, but his others sons also got presents from Abraham, who lived 175 years.

Fourthly, Isaac dwelled in the place of meeting of Hagar and the angel in Genesis 16:14.

Fifthly, a question that I wanted to ask you. Ishmael was living 137 years, and in verse 18 it’s written that he fell- what happened to him?

Have a blessed weekend,


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