Genesis 49- the last words of Jacob

The last words of Jacob were always a riddle to me. Here are some thoughts about them:

Reuben is the first born, but his blessing is positive and negative, probably because he has done something wrong with Bilhah.

Simeon and Levi have a blessing with negative words together, though that we know that Levi eventually was the tribe of the priests while Simeon disappeared.

Judah had the longest blessing with 5 verses and only with good and complexes Hebrew words about his future.

Joseph got a second blessing after his sons were blessed in the previous chapter.

Also the other sons were blessed though that in their own life there are no stories about them.

Dinah wasn’t blessed- these are different times or that the story with the rape in Genesis 34 was too much for her father.

Finally, Jacob wants to come back to the cave of Machpelah- there his father and grandfather are buried with Leah his wife.

Tomorrow it’s the last chapter of Genesis.

Bye Genesis, welcome Exodus,

Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash




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